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Every student needs to have a look at this new Acer laptop!

Back to school!

There’s no denying that all of us students need a laptop to some capacity for our functioning. Not only for study and work, but also entertainment. What we usually don’t consider, is that a chromebook is probably sufficient for most of such users. A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Google’s ChromeOS instead of Windows. This means your usage relies a lot on web apps and Android apps. And the best part, they nearly don’t cost as much as normal laptops do, because ChromeOS is a really light software. So if that got you to consider a Chromebook for your next upgrade, read on…

Acer C711

Acer produces a lot of these, at varying price points. Their newest member of the family is the C711, rugged Chromebook starting at $279!

This is a mid to high end Chromebook, sporting a 2015 Intel Celeron processor, with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. These might seem poor specs for a 2017 laptop, but for Chrome, this is more than sufficient to work. And if you are still not convinced, there are models with Intel i3 and i5 chipsets coming very soon.

We believe that this laptop is a good buy for students because along with a reasonable price, you also get a spill proof keyboard(so you can eat while using your hands), and something that won’t shatter as easily. If you are a light user, or like someone.

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  • Jack Smith

    Easily the best laptop you can buy is a Acer 14 Chromebook. These are less than $200 refurb. They are all metal, fantastic display, long battery, peppy performance, etc.

    But what really sets it apart is how good the touchpad and keyboard feel. Usually with a “cheap” machine you pay a price with keyboard and touchpad but not with the Acer 14.