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Analyst: iPhone X Has Been Further Delayed

Chip analyst says production of Apple's newest flagship phone likely hasn't begun yet,

Production of Apple’s newest flagship handset likely hasn’t even begun, even though Apple will begin taking orders for the device in just over a month, according to an investor’s note from Raymond James chip analyst Christopher Caso.

Apple will start pre-orders for the iPhone X on October 27 and expects to start shipping on November 3 but that may change.

Caso says that his claims are based on his week-long travel through Asia for meetings with supply chain sources.

Interestingly, while the industry widely anticipated a shift in iPhone ramp timing, our checks suggest there was an incremental delay in the build plans – with orders firmed up as recently as last week – shifting production more into the December quarter.

While our checks are ongoing, initial feedback from our meetings suggests that final production of iPhone X has not yet begun, with production expected to commence in mid-October. That production start is about a month later when compared to expectations a month ago, and about 2 months later than expectations at the end of June. Notably, this is consistent with commentary from Diodes last week suggesting the timing had changed since reporting June quarter results and is important as it relates to tone and expectations for the December quarter.

Despite its steep price tag, demand for the new handset is expected to be intense and it’s already rumored to be in extremely short supply when it does finally arrive.

While the iPhone X launch has still some time, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will go on sale in India on September 29.


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