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Android Device Manager updated and renamed to Find My Device

Google is overhauling its Android Device Manager app, which is basically Android’s equivalent of Apple’s “Find My iPhone.” Now the two are much closer in name. In the first update the app has seen since 2015, Android Device Manager has been bumped to V2, bringing some much needed visual changes and a new name. It’s designed to help owners locate any lost or stolen Android smartphone, tablet or Android Wear smartwatch that you own.

It still provides the same security functions, letting users track their Android smartphone or tablet, lock the device, play a sound, or put it into a lost mode for better odds of retrieval. Now your devices are listed as icons in a row at the top, instead of items in a drop-down menu below.

The new version of the app is 2.0.014, replacing the 2-year-old version 1.4.4.

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