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Android Go is a Basic OS for Basic Phones

Google is taking another shot at budget Android phones with Android Go

Android Go is a new platform, a light version of Android O that will work smoothly on extremely inexpensive, ultra entry-level phones. Specifically, those that have 512MB to 1GB of memory (RAM). Google says Go will ship “as an experience” in 2018, which means manufacturers will potentially start making handsets with the lighter OS after that.

Apps will be optimized for low bandwidth and memory, with a version of Play Store designed for those markets that will highlight these apps. Google is also launching a new program called “Building for Billions” to help developers create these new optimized apps. Android devices with less than 1GB of RAM will automatically get Android Go starting with Android O. These apps should be less than 10MB, work well when you’re not connected to the internet and support devices with slow systems-on-a-chip and little RAM. Google is also committing to releasing an Android Go variant for all future Android versions going forward.

According to Google, there are already two billion monthly active devices running Android, and making it easier to install on lower-end handsets will help the company reach “the next billion users.”

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