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Here are the Smartwatches getting Android Wear 2.0 Update

It’s a big moment for Google’s wearable operating system, with Android Wear 2.0 now launching and bringing with it a whole range of new features and improvements. The new LG Watch Style / Sport shall be getting the latest OS out of the box, while older devices are scheduled to get the update soon. We have compiled together a list of smartwatches that shall be getting the update (as confirmed by the OEM):

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  • ASUS ZenWatch 2 & 3
  • Casio Smart Outdoor Watch
  • Casio PRO TREK Smart
  • Fossil Q Founder
  • Fossil Q Marshal
  • Fossil Q Wander
  • Huawei Watch
  • LG Watch R
  • LG Watch Urbane and 2nd Edition LTE
  • Moto 360 2nd Gen
  • Moto 360 for Women
  • Moto 360 Sport
  • Nixon Mission
  • Polar M600

If you know of any other device that is confirmed to get the update, comment below and we’ll update the list accordingly!

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