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Apple Airpods face supply bottlenecks in time for Holidays!

USA, Canada face stock shortages before the holiday season. In contrast, Indians can have Apple Airpods delivered in a day or two.

Apple Airpods Supply Saga continues

Apple Airpods is a great choice for gifting to any age on any holiday occasion. But if you haven’t already, you might find yourself among many who have been let down by the shortage of these market-dominating earphones.

“All I want for Christmas is you, and a pair of Apple Airpods maybe?”

Apple, USA

Apple Airpods has been available invariably throughout the year. There is some good news about another supplier joining hands with Apple to help increase manufacturing, but the effects of which will mostly show in the second iteration of the device. But for now, this is what you’ll experience once you head over to Apple’s website and attempt to place an order.
Luckily, Apple’s website showed availability in Boston for a pickup order. As I already said, Luckily”. Not every day can you wake up to this.

BestBuy, USA








Several websites have reported inconsistent Airpods availability. As you can see, Best Buy shows stock at one store in Miami whereas there’s no store stocked to deliver in Boston.

Apple, Canada

Even the Canadian website can’t promise you an Airpods delivery before 8th January. You may want to start looking for alternatives or drop the idea of buying earphones altogether. These are one of most sought-after earphones in the market.

Amazon, India

Indians are in luck as the Amazon website shows Apple Airpods to be in stock. This gives insight into Apple Airpods popularity across different countries. Apple adoption rate may be slower due to Chinese manufacturers flooding Indian markets with cheaper offerings.

Below you can see just how drastically Airpods launch affected competing earphones. The numbers are dated back in January of 2017, but it gives a good picture are how these are disrupting the market. Hopefully, Apple manages to resolve these production/logistics issues before the launch of Apple Airpods 2 come 2018.

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