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Apple to step up work on Augmented Reality headset

Apple made big bets on Augmented Reality with the iPhone X and a few of its features, and said that AR is a big part of their future plans. Animojis are just the beginning. Earlier, we heard that Apple is making a standalone VR/AR headset which should be ready for prime-time in 2 years.

The current crop of headsets uses the phone’s display to consume content, which is far from ideal. There are issues like screen size, resolution, refresh rate, responsiveness etc with this model. Apple plans to usher in AR as they feel it’s much closer to reality and is going to revolutionalize the way we interact with our surroundings in the future.

They already have hundreds of engineers working towards this upcoming AR project [code-named T288] which according to their current ambitious timeline, will be ready by 2019. they are also encouraging the production of more Augmented Reality content by making the ARKit available to developers. Their eventual objective is have a headset with a built-in display which can stream high qualirt 3D content without draining much battery. They also plan on making their own chipsets for this, with their own graphics processor, CPU and AI. This will come with a new Operating System, currently being called rOS.

There are certain ideas that we have and we are waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea.

johnny Ive, Chief Design Officer, Apple

They are yet to figure out steps like how to interact with the content, be it voice or touch. A new ARKit is expected next year. The project is at least 2 years away, but it sure seems really exciting, and Apple has decided to focus more on this project, and is ramping up the R&D process for the same. Do you agree with Tim Cook’s vision of focussing more on AR than VR?



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