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Apple To Help India Develop Anti-Spam App After Tussle with Regulator

Apple has agreed to give limited help to the Indian government to develop an anti-spam mobile application for its iOS platform, after refusing to do so based on privacy concerns, according to an article published by Reuters.

Back in September, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India had been trying to get its Do Not Disturb software included in the App Store. The program let people share spam call and text message logs with the agency, which used the data to alert mobile operators to block the spammers. Apple has maintained that the app violates its privacy policy, according to the regulator. The government app was launched on Google’s Android platform last year itself.

The report says that Apple officials have been in discussion with the regulator and would help develop the app, but only with limited capabilities. Apple’s executives have told India that its current iOS platform might not allow for some of the government’s requests, such as making call logs available within the app.

An Apple spokesman confirmed that the new iOS features to combat spam text messages would help the government build the app, but did not comment on the app’s potential inability to access call logs. Apple continues to maintain their previous stance on safeguarding user privacy.

Despite mobile users having the option to register themselves under a so-called “do not disturb” service to block marketers, businesses have gamed the system by using multiple phone numbers for promotions.

The standoff could impact Apple’s efforts to expand in India, where where they put forth a long list of demands, including tax breaks and other concessions, to set up manufacturing facilities.

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