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Apple plans to bring micro-LED displays for Apple Watch by ditching OLED

If you really want to be indispensable, you have to cut down your reliance on the competition for your needs right? That’s exactly what Apple might do, starting with their Apple Watches.

Apple currently uses OLED displays manufactured by Samsung for its watches. According to speculations and some reports, this is all set to change. Apple is all set to implement an advanced micro-LED display technology in their wearable devices that are to be launched in 2018.

An Asian publication, Nikkei, quoted some industry sources that believe that this Steve Job founded company is on track to undertake the changes in the make of the display. According to a source with knowledge, Apple has already started testing the technology for their Apple Watches and can soon be expected to be made public.

Apple is working very hard to foster the micro-LED technology … the company could push the use of new display tech as early as next year,” said an executive with close knowledge of display technology.

“At this point, Apple is the only company who is able to roll out micro-LED, a technology that is still at an early stage of development, and cover the high costs incurred by the low yield rate,” the source said.

The use of micro-LED technology is still not that wide in the industry because of the difficulty in making it. But this development by Apple can be credited to their 2014 acquisition of LuxVue.

Micro-LED displays don’t need backlight because of which display panels will be thinner and hog less on battery. But because of difficulties in production, it’s only normal to not see them go mainstream before 2018.

Source: Nikkei



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