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Apple Watch 2 rumored to be independent of iPhone

Apple Watch has been one of the most popular wearable device since launch and a successor is soon to come. We are expecting it to be unveiled at Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in June.

Apple is reportedly planning to add cellular connectivity to the second-generation Apple Watch. With a cellular connection, the watch would be able to gain more independence from the iPhone, some thing that the company has reportedly been working towards since before the launch of the first watch.

As almost an aside in a larger piece about Apple Watch sales, The Wall Street Journal mentions that its sources report the next-gen Apple Watch will both pick up a faster SoC and break free from the iPhone as the smartwatch gains its own cellular radio.

This shall not be the only wearable watch to be independent of a phone, LG’s Urbane 2 runs on Android Wear has cellular connectivity for Internet and Calls. It also has a built in GPS and can work completely without a Smarthpone.

Source: iMore

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