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Apple Watch Series 3 announced with built-in cellular connectivity

Apple kicked off the 10th anniversary iPhone event with an introduction of Watch Series 3 in their wearable line-up.

The Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular connectivity, a new dual-core processor with 70% improvement over its predecessor, a new W2 chipset for better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The third-gen of Watch Series adds only 0.25mm thickness and still manages to keep all the goodies like GPS, Water-resistance, heart-rate monitor and of course the LTE connectivity. With cellular option, the Watch 3 can be used to receive calls, or for sending and receiving text messages and even for streaming the music from Apple Music without the need of an iPhone. Interestingly, Apple remain tight-lipped about battery life, meaning the consumers shouldn’t expect a major change from Watch Series 2.

Tim Cook boasted about industry leading customer satisfaction of 97 percent and that Apple Watch has officially surpassed Rolex and became number one in wearable segment.

The software is powered by WatchOS 4 and it’s definitely geared towards health-conscious consumers. The updated heart rate app will measure the beats in different conditions like resting or during workout. There is even a watch face to support it on the main display. The app is also designed to alert the users in major irregularities between heart rates during sudden strokes.

The Watch Series starts at $329 (Without LTE) and goes up to $399 for cellular version. The pre-order starts from 15th September and will go on sale at 22nd September. The colour options include Grey, White and newly announced Rose Gold to choose from.

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