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Bajaj Electricals Website Turns 20 Today, Here’s How They Are Pioneering The Industry [Featured]

Bajaj Electricals is one of India’s premier brands – the company was founded before independence, and we’ve all probably owned a Bajaj appliance at some point. The business is spread across – Consumer Products (Appliances, Fans, Lighting), Exports, Luminaires and EPC (Illumination, Transmission Towers and Power Distribution).

In today’s world of Technology, smartphones and wearables receive the highest amount of attention from the users as well as the media. We have forgotten that Technology doesn’t just mean something with a processor or display. There are numerous appliances all around us that define Technology. Fans are the simplest form of cooling technology, Mixers and Food Processors are the simplest form of edible grinding technology, bulbs and LEDs are the simplest form of lighting technology and the list continues. All the above appliances are all around us, we use them every day, but have practically stopped appreciating them.

While Bajaj Electricals believes in creating industry leading products, it also has been among the first Indian companies to have it’s own website.

BajajElectricals.com – was launched way back in 1997. At that point of time the Internet was still in it’s nascent stage. Google hadn’t even started up while Amazon was soon to come. The company was first in India to have it’s complete product catalogue available online. Which meant, users could simply browse all the offerings sitting in their home and choose the right product depending on their requirements. Then they took another step forward in 2004, by launching an E-Commerce portal. Then come to 2009, Bajaj Electricals partnered with Oracle ERP to display live Stock Feeds on it’s website.

On 15th August 2017, while India celebrates 70 years of Independence, Bajaj Electricals is announcing the launch of it’s revamped website. The new website is completely responsive in nature and can be browsed efficiently from almost any modern day browser. A responsive website means, the layout will automatically adjust to the size of your display. This way, the user experience is uniform across all devices while the user interface is simpler. The new website marks a milestone for the company’s efforts in always having the cutting edge of technology. Whether it’s the product you are willing to purchase or the experience while you choose your product, Bajaj Electricals has always got your back.

The website is very fast and responsive on all devices while all the content is easily laid out. The website contains very good quality images and the best part is these do not slow down the site in any manner.

We tested the website on multiple browsers like Google Chrome (PC and Mobile), Firefox (PC and Mobile), Safari (iOS), Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer (PC and Mobile) and finally Opera Mini. The website worked and loaded uniformly across all browsers proving that the code is well written as well as polished.

Shareholders can easily access Financial Reports, Press Releases and Annual Reports with the click of a button. All this accessibility means that you have a better decisive standing while being a responsible shareholder. Do visit their revamped Website and have a look for yourself!

Visit BajajElectricals.com

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