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Meet this cheeky Banana phone accessory which is saving Gorillas!

Sometimes, you just want to disconnect from all your notifications and Social media and use something which is just a phone. While that is pretty much impossible on our smartphones, there are some accessories that can help you achieve that. Meet Banana Phone, a Bluetooth enabled Mobile handset which aims to excel at being just a phone, you know, to make calls…..

Banana phone is extremely simple to use


Basically, this is an extension of your phone’s Telephony functionality. Connect to your Android or Apple device via Bluetooth, and you can start talking at the push of a Button! No need to get distracted by the notifications on your phone. It has a very simple user interface: a volume up and down button, and a multi-function key for on/off and with a press, summons your assistant (Siri or OK Google) to make calls. Yeah, this product might seem hilarious, but it supports the conservation of an endangered species of Mountain Gorilla.

“We believe that innovative devices have missed out on a more creative and enjoyable form-factor. Why should all our devices be rectangles?” -Charlie Katrycz, CTO

A part of their revenue goes to the Gearing Up for Gorillas, whcih focuses 100% on the conservation of the rare mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park, located in eastern DR Congo, by providing funding and equipment to the rangers who protect them.

Coming in at just $40, it provides a battery life of 70 hours, made out of Environmentally conscious 100% recycled ABS plastic and reduces exposure to cellphone radiation! This seems like an interesting product for those who care. It aims at making talking on a phone, a joy again! The product launched May 1st on Indiegogo, and the company anticipates delivery in September.

You can back the Banana Phone on Indiegogo here!

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