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Behind the Scenes of OnePlus 3 Launch with Steve Wang

I’m in New Delhi today for the launch of OnePlus 3 in India. If you aren’t aware, I have won the OnePlus LoopedIn Challenge and shall be the first one to unbox the OnePlus in India.

Before the Media Event, behind the scenes I got a chance to speak to Mr. Steve Wang, who is the Project Manager of OnePlus 3 at OnePlus. It was indeed a pleasure meeting him and his team who are responsible for the development of OnePlus 3. Out of curiosity, I just couldn’t stop myself and asked him a few questions regarding the changes that have been observed in OnePlus 3 when compared to the predecessor.

Firstly, I asked him why the Battery was shrunk from 3300 mAH to 3000 mAH? 

He said, before selecting the designing of OnePlus 3, three different design prototypes had been made. Each had a different thickness. On detailed testing, it was observed that thinness was directly proportional to comfort. A thinner device was more ergonomic when bundled with all the curves on the side. To accommodate this thinness, something had to be compromised. In this case, it was the battery size. Hence, the team decided to lower down on the battery size a litte bit.

Mr. Steve says that the reduction in size is negotiable because the OnePlus 3 now houses a AMOLED Display along with a more power efficient Snapdragon 820 processor. Hence there won’t be any significant change in battery life between the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3.

Secondly, why was Phase Detection Auto Focus incorporated instead of industry wide Laser Auto Focus? 

According to Mr. Wang, Laser Auto Focus is weak when we want to take pictures of far away objects, which are not as far as infinity. Laser Auto Focus cannot focus more than 3 metres approximately and shifts to infinity focus. Phase Detection is also a lot more faster, than contrast auto focus.

I have used the OnePlus 3 for some time now, and the Camera is really good. The only let down for now is the software which just doesn’t feel alright. I’m sure OnePlus will fix the issues soon OTA.

Another minute change is, the 3.5mm (Yes, they still exist) jack that has been moved to the bottom from the top.

Stay tuned to EOTO for more updates on the OnePlus 3!

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