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BlackBerry DTEK50: A Much Needed Paradigm Shift?

BlackBerry, a brand that needs no introduction. Known for it’s Aesthetics and Premium Offerings, the company has been in the dark for quite some time now. A few years ago, it was the undisputed champion in the mobile market, but by the end of 2013, everything in the hardware department had gone south. BlackBerry 10 has miserably failed in the modern mobile OS battle against mighty Android and iOS. People literally call it a dead brand, but, it has been doing quite a lot behind the scenes like best in class Enterprise Suites concentrating on Security and Reliability. Software earning have enabled the brand to still continue making smartphones err… let’s say experimenting with them.

BlackBerry has a very unique hardware portfolio, it includes Full Touch, Keyboard, Squarish, Vintage and Slider Devices. These have been immensely popular among the BlackBerry enthusiasts, but have failed to appeal the larger audience.  After launching niche devices tar targeting Business Professionals and VIPs, BlackBerry has now introduced the DTEK50. 

DTEK50 is based on the TCL reference design that brings us the Idol 4. It is a mid range device, offers a 5.2-inch screen, Snapdragon 617, 3GB of RAM and runs on Android Marshmallow out of the box. [Full Specifications]. It is now available for preorder at $299. Now you would ask, how is this a different product? There are so many other alternatives to this one. 

Well, the USP for the DTEK50 is the BlackBerry Suite of Apps or the BlackBerry Experience.


The company has loaded the phone with proprietary encryption technology to protect photos, contacts and other data against cyberattacks. The device includes an alert system to tell users when social-media applications are tracking their locations or accessing a phone’s camera or microphone. It also offers productivity tools such as the company’s unified inbox that compiles email, text and other messages in one place.

The big promotion points for this DTEK50 include total disk encryption, a hardened Android OS, fast patches, boot security measures and the DTEK app — enabling users to track if the phone’s mic or camera is turning on or when the phone’s searching through your contacts when it’s not supposed to.

The DTEK app lets users quickly get an overview of their device’s security and take action on any potential issues. BlackBerry says that it has modified Android with its own technology originally developed for the BB10 platform to make it more secure. The company is also committing to rapid updates to deliver security patches shortly after they are released.

All of the above Software modifications were first seen on the Priv. But, the Priv sold for a very hefty price tag. A tag that was even more than Samsung’s Flagship devices. It did not have a lot of takers. This has been the case with almost all of the BlackBerry devices that have been released in the past 2 years. Now, with the the DTEK50, there’s a huge paradigm shift.

BlackBerry is now making a device that can appeal a larger set of audience. The retail price has some premium to it, but it’s not very high like we’ve seen BlackBerry previously charging. Reports also suggest another Android powered device in the lineup that shall be releasing later this year. Overall, I’m glad to see BlackBerry finally evolving.

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  • Mr Green

    this is a very nice looking phone i recently went back to blackberry and got the classic for old times sake and i love it i cant wait to see the Key board companion to the DTEK50