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This Maybe Our First Look at the BlackBerry Motion

Popular and very reliable, @evleaks is back with a high quality image of the soon to come ‘BlackBerry Motion’. Up till now, it was reported that a device codenamed ‘BlackBerry Krypton’ has been in the works, but the latest revelation suggests that the project has now been superseded by BlackBerry Motion.

The image suggest that there will be a Home Button beneath the display which has the BlackBerry logo etched onto it. Looks pretty classic. Antena Lines are clearly visible on the bottom, suggesting that the device will have a full metal build up just like it’s predecessor, the KEYone. It should be noted though that this is the first time we have heard anything about the BlackBerry Motion. Hence, there’s hardly any evidence suggesting it’s specifications.

Obviously, the device will be running on Android. It’s unclear whether the device has been in works by TCL or other regional partners that BlackBerry has now tied up with.

Last week a few shots of the Krypton showed up on a BBM channel via Blackberry Vietnam (BBVN). We do know that the Blackberry Krpton from TCL is real, with head of global sales for TCL, François Mahieu confirming the device would be arriving in October in a ‘full touch’ form factor.

BlackBerry has exited the smartphone market and now sells software to governments and corporations. Additionally, it’s also licensing its brand to TCL Communication, which now owns the rights to make, market, and sell smartphones under the BlackBerry name.


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