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What if your Bluetooth speaker could be a Superhero?

What shape is your current Bluetooth speaker? If you can describe that shape in a word, then what I am about to show is going to blow you away! Kalium Labs just announced their Sound heroes series of Bluetooth speakers, which are “Humanoid Bluetooth speakers from another universe”. And it’s not even an overstatement, trust me.

This multifunctional device combines eye-catching design with innovative assets that is going to bring shame to any other bluetooth speaker on the market right now. They also have a subwoofer built in, along with the speaker in the chest. These are a pair of futuristic speakers with a polygonal design and sharp edges. It comes in 2 sizes:

  • AD’OM Prime – 45cm tall
  • AD’OM Premium – 72cm tall

Not only do these look super cool, but they have a tonne of features like a wireless charging base for smartphones,  multicolour RGB dock which can be controlled by the app to create an ambience with over 16 million colours, inbuilt wifi range extender and a smoke machine!

The colour options include matte black, white, red, military green, blue and a special edition Hybrid Rose gold. Gone are the days of tucking away your speaker in a corner under your Tv; this will be the centre piece of your living room! You can connect to it via Bluetooth 4.0 or Aux, and also sports an SD card slot and 2 USB ports. The battery sizes are 8000mAh and 10000mAh for the smaller and the bigger models respectively, and if that’s not Big enough for you, there is stretchgoal model which will be a life-sized speaker, getting unlocked if the campaign reaches a Million dollars on Indiegogo. With over 2 months left for the campaign to get over, it’s already at 500% of its $20000 target. Back this project right now, to get a 40% discount off its retail price.

Back the Sound Heroes on Indiegogo!

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