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BYTON to have the World’s most advanced EV in 2019

Good time for EV enthusiasts

CES 2018 starts today, and we have some very exciting product announcements happening. My favourite from the day being the new Electric car reveal from BYTON. WIth 6 locations around the World, they plan on having their first car on the road by 2019, and reach USA and Europe by 2020. The SUV is supposed to retail at $45,000.

Byton exterior

CES marked the Global debut of BYTON. It has a range of up to 520 KMs on a single charge, and comes in either a Rear-wheel drive or a 4-wheel drive. In terms of charging, it has a Fast charging mechanism that can give it 12KMs of charge in a single minute! It can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes. It has innovative communication features including 1,000Mbps modems, cellular, wifi, Bluetooth, NFC. If that wasn’t enough, you can interact with the car using your voice, face, gestures, touch or actual physical buttons. The dash is basically a long giant display from where you can control your entertainment, play around with the settings, stay connected with your contacts etc.

BYTON dashboard

They went as far as calling it a wearable, and how just driving the car would let it figure out your health including metrics like sleep, steps, calories, workout, heart rate, blood pressure, etc., with the wireless wristband.

Overall, even if I might be a little biased toward EVs, we must agree that these new offerings are really compelling. What are you looking forward to, at CES 2018?

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