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You can now Chat with your Uber Driver with this new Update

Uber has announced a new feature that allows drivers and riders to communicate within the Uber app before the driver reaches the rider’s location. The only option you had was to send a text to the driver’s number. To solve that, Uber is launching a new in-app chat feature, making it easier to communicate with the driver instead of even calling.

On the driver side, received messages will be read aloud to help minimize distraction, and drivers can acknowledge a message with one tap to send a ‘thumbs up’ emoji response. Drivers can also initiate chat, but the Uber driver app cautions directly in the messaging window that drivers should only do so when stopped and not actually driving.

According to Uber, the new in-app messaging system will preclude riders and drivers from having to share their phone number with one another when they need to get in touch. In many markets, SMS charges are still pretty high, and to counter this problem, Uber decided to add this feature right inside the app. Besides cost, availability and privacy, Uber Product Manager Jeremy Lermitte says Uber also heard that people wanted more visibility into whether or not their messages were actually being received and read by either party.

This new feature is rolling out to all markets that Uber serves around the world within the next few weeks.

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