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Canalys: iPhone Q3 Shipments Surge 40% in China

Apple has ended an 18-month slump in iPhone sales in China with a 40 percent surge in shipments in the third quarter, according to a private survey released Monday. About 11 million iPhones were sold in China from July to September compared to eight million in the same period last year, research firm Canalys said in a report.

The company published its report on the Chinese smartphone market in Q3. According to the data, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo are in the lead with 19%, 18% and 17% of all shipments, respectively. The overall shipments declined 5% to 119 million units.

Back in June-September 2016, Apple shipped 8 million iPhones. 12 months later the company registered 11 million units. The response to the new iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus has been positive, and the Chinese audience is hyped for the iPhone X.

“Apple’s growth this quarter is only temporary. The high sell-in caters to the pent-up demand for iPhone upgrades in the absence of the iPhone X. Price cuts on earlier models after announcing the iPhone 8 have also helped. However, Apple is unlikely to sustain this growth in Q4,” said Canalys Research Analyst Mo Jia.
“While the iPhone X launches this week, its pricing structure and supply are inhibiting. The iPhone X will enjoy a healthy grey market status, but its popularity is unlikely to help Apple in the short term,” Jia predicted.
China remains the single largest market for smartphone firms on the planet, but the declines explain why many firms have expanded their focus to cover fast-growing markets like India, which overtook the U.S. on shipments numbers in Q3,
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