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Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass will make your wearable scratch proof

Corning has developed a new Gorilla Glass specially for wearables. Based on Project Phire, this advanced Gorilla Glass SR+ is a whole new composite, different from previous versions. Back in 2015, the company started working on Project Phire with an aim to make it as scratch-resistance as Sapphire.

Here is what Corning Gorilla Glass director Scott Forester said in a statement, “In early 2015, Corning launched Project Phire with the goal of engineering glass-based solutions with the scratch resistance approaching luxury cover materials, combined with the superior damage resistance of Gorilla Glass. Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ delivers a superior combination of properties that is not available in any other material today – it is in a class of its own.”

According to Corning, the SR+ is 70% more scratch proof than the current generation glasses that used in today’s wearables. The company also taunts to deliver longer battery life with better optical performance and outdoor reliability. Corning didn’t list out the OEMs that are planning to use SR+ in future but we can expect it to hit the market soon.

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