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6 Essential Travel Apps (2018) for both iOS & Android!

Packing your phone with essential apps is as important as packing your bags. Travel without a worry by having these essential travel apps at your side.

Like to start off your New Year with a couple of trips with loved ones? Or go solo and explore the world. Either way, there are a few things you might want to make sure are on your phone. Here is a list of a few apps we’d advise you to get for all your travel needs. And worry not, we’ve made sure that these are available for both, Apple and Android fanboys.

Google Trips


This app is a compiler of sorts. A compiler of your trip-related info provided with the assistance of compiled Google services. Let me break that down for you. Just like your flight and hotel bookings often show up on Google Now, Google trips extracts that information from Gmail. Apart from that, it uses Google’s already robust Maps to show you nearby attractions and restaurants. It has a feature that gives you an itinerary for the day if you wish. You can customize it and also receive information on opening and closing times of the place, so you don’t show up to a closed gate. It’s a neat little app to help keep travel info together. Information is as reliable as information on Google maps. Users have reported poor to no information of small cities and towns. Unless you choose to go all Into The Wild (2007) for your trip, this should be of assistance. For folks over on iOS and Android

IRCTC Train Booking & Indian Railways PNR Status


While the rest of the apps are global, in the sense that they’re relevant for travel across the globe, this is the only app exclusive for travel in India. This is because if you were to travel within India via trains, things aren’t always crystal clear about bookings, arrival times and seat status. This app helps book trains, informs you of your changing status of bookings from waitlisted to confirmed and also has a newly added feature of organizing trips just like Google trips, but less feature rich. Make sure you have this on your phone while boarding a train. Information is reliable about approaching train stations although arrival and departure times are updated with significant delay. Available for iOS and Android.

Easy Currency Converter


Straightforward name of an app which gets the job done. An app you can rely on for currency conversions. It updates whenever you are connected and allows you to save numerous currencies offline. All you need to do is select currencies, start your favorites and save for offline. Available for both iOS and Android. The only drawback seems to be the UI which is by and large primitive. But that’s only on Android. Functionality over aesthetics. And don’t worry. It has added Bitcoin for all you Future Millionaires!



Your go-to app for affordable flights, car rentals, and hotels. This app is an all-in-one for your transport and accommodation needs. It has the most affordable time and flights listed in neat lists. For the adventurer in you, the app can surprise you whenever you type “Everywhere in the search. It comes up with cheapest travels to destinations across the world. Added benefits: it has it’s own frequent flyer miles program and has no additional fees. The latest app update doesn’t allow for multi-city searches which is a deal-breaker for many. Available for Android and iOS.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free


One of the best things to bring back from any trip you take to a foreign land is the culture and language of the place. Duolingo allows you to learn new languages on the go for free. This app has been a trusted app for many users to learn basics of any, among a host of popular languages. It is fun, has a net UI, uses visual, audio and textual aid to help you get a good grip on the language. What’s more, you can practice what you learn while traveling, and impress the locals with your knowledge of the same. iOSAndroid








Google Translate


Learning a language is not easy. Finding yourself in a foreign land with little connection may be your idea of a perfect holiday, but sometimes you need to navigate through signs and text which you don’t understand to reach a destination or even interact with locals. Google translate, a long withstanding service from Google, will come to your rescue. The most exhaustive resource of a number of languages which can help translate images containing text by just pointing your camera at it. You can translate and make the local you’re speaking to listen to the audio. No need to fret about the accent and the pronunciation. Available for both fanboys alike: iOS and Android







Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of possible apps for travel. There are many apps out there which are region specific along with a variety of cab-hailing apps across the globe. We’ve tried to make sure all possible needs are met. On clicking any one of the above apps, Play Store will recommend you apps for Hotels and cabs. So make sure you travel safe and take tons of pictures over the course of your travel. Feel free to suggest more apps in the comments below.

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