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Is this our first look at Moto X 2016?

Samsung, LG and Huawei have already launched their 2016 flagships. HTC is also not too far away from pulling out their guns with M10. But, what about Motorola? Well, Motorola has a history of releasing their show stopper in 2nd half of the year. So, now is the perfect suitable time for leaks to come in.


An image shared by hellomotoHK on their Facebook page may give us a sneak look into how new Moto X may turn out in 2016. The guy working on his laptop in subway and keeping an unreleased Moto product with him.

We can clearly see, there is a Moto dimple on the upper left edge and on the right, LED light. The design is familiar to recent Moto products with its rounded corners and silver edge. The most interesting change is, a small squared physical button just below the screen. Well, this new addition maybe due to inclusion of fingerprint scanner but, then again the iconic Moto dimple on back could have been a more preferable place. Unsurprisingly, USB Type C is on board too. 

Nothing is confirmed yet. So, take this news as a huge pinch of salt. Things may vary by the time device gets release in July or August. So, what do you think? Are you happy with the new shift in Moto X line? Is this the comeback year of physical home button? First, in Xiaomi Mi5 and now in Moto X! Sound off in comments and stay tuned for more details.  

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