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This $40 gadget converts your iPhone into a 6K recording 360 camera!

Why did no one think about this earlier?!

The phones in our pockets are really powerful computers. They can process millions of pixels worth information in a jiffy. And with the World moving towards 360 content, have you ever wondered, why can’t I just take a 360 image using my phone?

Enter Fusion Lens, a clip-on lens that uses the front and rear cameras of your iPhone to capture these immersive images. How it works is, the attachment increases the Field of View of both the sensors to almost 210° each, and then stitches them using the Fusion app, Boom! Now you have a super portable 360 camera rig.

There are a few benefits that come along, apart from the obvious size and money saving. All your camera settings are taken care of, by the iPhone’s processing. And you can directly share to your social networks from there, blessing your friends’ news feeds. It doesn’t require a tether or a WiFi or Bluetooth connection either. It doesn’t even require a battery! Currently it is available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and if the product does well, I see it coming to a lot more devices.

-A jealous Android user

This is a very good recommendation for anyone who’s even slightly into photography and wants to step up his/her social media game. You can’t go wrong with $40. Seems like a good Christmas gift too….  The Fusion Lens is available in 2 colours currently, and ships in February 2018. Who’s getting one? We have ordered ours!


Get your Fusion Lens here!

Fusion Lens camera sample
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