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Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note “Fan Edition” coming on July 7

The refurbished units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, rechristened as the Note Fan Edition, just got the name officially mentioned on a Korean carrier’s social media. The banner of the Note FE was put up by LG Uplux and then taken down. Seems like their employees are also very excited for this!

With the Note 8 coming in September, this should satiate all of us stylus fans for a while. The specs remain the same, but the battery goes down to 3,200 mAh. Software support might also be a little worse, considering that this is no longer a flagship and won’t have many units in the wild.

In fact, some Korean stores already put up the posters stating that the phone is on its way! The price is supposed to be around $600 (converted) but unlikely it reaches major markets

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