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Galaxy Note 7 Indian version will come with Hybrid Dual-Sim slot

Samsung has already announced to launch the dual sim variant of it high end smartphones India. Last year’s Note 5 and this year’s Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, all of them came with dual sim functionality. Now, according to Samsung India page, the “next big thing” Galaxy Note 7 will follow the pattern soon.


As shown in Image, the second slot can be used as micro-SD or another SIM. This is very handy as the Galaxy Note 7 already comes with 64 GB of base storage which should be sufficient for majority of users. Almost all the entry level and mid range smartphones already come with dual-SIM feature, it’s only about time high end segment follow it too.

The Galaxy Note 7 is expected to announce in India on 11 August, while availability will start from 19 August. Stay tuned for more details.

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