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RIP: Galaxy Note 7 is no more

The on-going saga around Galaxy Note 7 finally ends. Samsung finally acknowledged the issue in ‘Safe’ Note 7s and decided to end the production for once and all. Current owners are given the deadline of 31st December to return their Note 7.

It all started with an incident that took place in Southwest flight as the reportedly ‘Safe’ Note 7 catches fire and after that, there were at least dozen similar cases found around the world. The anger was rising and so was pressure from carriers and courier companies around the world as all four US carriers decided to not offer Galaxy Note 7 on shelves. And that really ensure the end game for Samsung and an announcement to end the production was invitable.

This fiasco will definaltely hurt Samsung’s brand image and also took hit on balance sheet by 11 digits. We could expect Samsung to double down with upcoming Galaxy S8 to cover-up the Note 7 mess and early indications does look in-line with our expectations.

So, that’s it. Galaxy Note 7 is no more. Which company do you think can gain more from Samsung’s troubles? Google with Pixels? LG with V20? or Apple iPhone 7? Sound off in comments.


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