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Galaxy Note 7 shipments delayed over reports of multiple device explosions

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a lot going for the South Korean company. Samsung definitely wants to end the 2016 with a high mark. From positive reviews to over whelming response from customers, the tech giant surely had another hit in their bag but the last week hasn’t been favorable to Samsung.

Apart from random bugs like freezing and slow performance (Which the company can definitely solve with software update), there are multiple reports of Galaxy Note 7 explosions while in charging using USB Type-C to micro-USB converter. Well, that did raise concerns for Samsung’s Quality Assurance department.

Following the news, Samsung has halted Note 7 shipments around the world. The company has reportedly called back the affected devices for further testing. The problem seems to be affected by Type-C to micro-USB converter, so we advice you to avoid using it until an official statement from Samsung.

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