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Galaxy S7 Unstoppable, Samsung Reports Highest Profit in Last Two Years

A lot has been said about Galaxy S7/S7 Edge’s strong performance over worldwide. Samsung already moved 25 million S7/S7 Edge before June end, but just how this figures effect its balance sheet? Let’s talk about real numbers.

In Q2 2016, the tech giant reported a net profit of 8 trillion won ($7.2 billion, its best figures in last two years) on a revenue of 50.94 trillion won ($45.2 billion). A healthy increase of 18% YoY.

Samsung has more diversified business with its Home Appliance, IT and Mobile division. But, its half of the revenue and profit is coming from its Mobile sector, showing just how big a impact it makes in overall earnings sheet.

Along with Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (In which the Edge version accounted for 50% of sales, bringing healthy margins), the rebuts performance of its A series and J series helped Samsung to ship close to 80 million smartphones in Q2, 2016.

Samsung expects a increase in marketing expenditure as the Galaxy Note 7 announcement is just around the corner and the competitors are also about to launch their offerings.

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