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Galaxy S8 rumours start with dual cameras, full display, no physical button and more

Now that Google Pixels are launched, 2016 is left with no major smartphone announcements from OEMs. So, let’s set our eyes on 2017. And what better way to talk about it rather than Galaxy S8.

According to ETNews, Samsung is planning a major overhaul for upcoming flagship. The company is looking to ditch physical home button in Galaxy S8. So, what about the alternative solution? Will Samsung go with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and on-screen buttons? Well, unfortunately, the answer is still unknown.

The sources also add that Galaxy S8 could come with the full-screen display, meaning curves not only on sides but also on top and bottom. The Galaxy S8 is also speculated to come with dual rear camera setup and no surprise here as the competitors like Apple, Huawei, LG is already offering it in their flagships.

The Galaxy S8 will be powered by in-house Exynos CPU based on the 10nm manufacturing process for better performance and battery life.

Last but not least, the announcement could take place somewhere between Feb-Mar timeframe, meaning the Korean Giant don’t want to rush with Galaxy S8.

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