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Google developing a new OS?

The official release of Android 7.0 Nougat is just a couple of months away. Surprisingly, news of Google working on a new Operating system has surfaced in recent time. According to some sources, Google is working on a new OS called Fuchsia, which is still in early stages of development. Currently, there are no details on whether it will be for mobile devices or computers.

The name itself doesn’t reveal much, but there are some reports revealing information about the team behind this new OS.  According to them, Travis Geiselbrech and Brian Swetland, both of them who have previously worked on several operating system projects are involved in this project. It seems like Fuchsia will be powered by the Magenta and LK Kernel. LK is a kernel designed for small systems typically used in embedded applications, however, on the other hand, Magenta targets modern smartphones and personal computers with fast processors and high amounts of RAM.

Well, there are a lot of notions going on about this mysterious OS, however, the company says there is nothing to repot at this point. So, with all of this, we think it will be a while before the OS is fully developed.

What are your thoughts on this new OS Fuchsia? Are you excited? How different do you think it will be from Android? Let us know in the comment section below.

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