With Google IO 2017 going on in full swing, here are all the highlights of all the announcements.

This article will be updated with the details of all the announcements, and you can check them out in detail in the companion articles, as they happen.


  • Google I/O starts

    The annual Google conference starts, on 17th May and will show what the Alphabet owned company has been up to, in the last 12 months in the streams of Android, Play, Design, Cloud, IoT, etc. Keep an eye on this space as it gets populated with all the Googliness!

  • Android Device Manager updated

    Google is overhauling its Android Device Manager app, which is basically Android’s equivalent of Apple’s “Find My iPhone.” This update comes after almost 2 years, and is now called Find My Device.

  • Google shows off Lens, a way to Google Search everything you see!

    Google Lens is a new feature baked within the camera, which will show contextual information about whatever you point it at. It should be rolling out in a couple of months, and we can’t wait! This seems like a very interesting and futuristic feature!

  • Google Assistant is getting smarter

    Google Assistant got a tonne of new features and is getting smarter. Also, it is making its way to iOS in the form of a new app. Available only on iOS 9.1 and up, it does have a few limitations because of the difference in the way the API functions, but should be getting better over time.

  • Android has over 2 Billion active users

    Sundar Pichai revealed the latest stats on the number of Android users currently, along with app specific numbers.

  • Gmail is getting smart replies

    A feature originally from Allo and Inbox, Gmail is getting smart replies. These are based on the contents of the message, and then suggests potential simple replies to those.

  • Advances in Virtual Reality

    Daydream compatibility is coming to more devices including the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and also hinted at the LG V30). Their new device will be a Standalone VR headset.

  • Android Go, for low powered phones

    Android Go is a new platform, a light version of Android O that will work smoothly on phones with lesser specs. Should be coming in 2018.

  • Android Instant Apps are Now Open To All Developers

    Instant Apps can run directly, hence no installation is required. The idea was announced last year, and now has been open to all developers via Studio 3 Update.

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