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Google Lens: A way to Google search everything you see!

Google I/O 2017 has kicked off and it’s that time where we get to hear a lot of things that Google has been planning. They started the first day by showing off their new feature called Google Lens.

Google Lens in action

It is similar to Bixby Vision from Samsung, that it takes information from the camera, and uses that contextual information and its own data to provide you more details about whatever you are seeing. Google hopes that this will develop over time and will help you do things faster in the real world. While Bixby was trying to chew more than it could bite, Google Lens is backed by a lot more data. Some use case scenarios would be pointing the camera at a restaurant o see its reviews, pointing it at a book to see more about its ratings and writer info, scan a WiFi’s SSID to quickly connect etc.

To be honest, I feel all of this is too futuristic, where so much information is accessible at your fingertips.  We will update you once the feature is made official by Google.

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