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Google Pixel shipments could reach 4 Million in 2016

Google’s new Pixel phones are interesting. It marks the first time that Google has decided to release a non-Nexus handset, and it also marks a new direction that Google is headed in which they will be giving the Pixel handsets some exclusive features that will not be found in other Android handsets.

According to Digitime, Google Pixel is expected to reach 3-4 million shipments in the second half of 2016, according to Luke Lin, senior analyst of Digitimes Research. While this total pales in comparison to the number of iPhone 7 shipments expected through the end of the year, it will still provide a major boost to Taiwan smartphone maker HTC, the manufacturer of the phone. Lin indicated that Pixel shipments will account for 40-50% of HTC’s smartphone shipments in the second half of the year.

So how does it compare against the bigs? Samsung is shipping tens of millions of its Galaxy S series per quarter, while the Apple iPhone is even bigger with sales of between 40 million and up to nearly 60 million units a quarter, as of recently.

Historically, the limited availability and lack of advertising for Google’s Nexus line has kept the range out of the spotlight and away from scrutiny over shipment figures. Now that Google looks to be competing more directly with Android manufacturers and Apple, we can expect more attention to be paid to how Google is performing in the smartphone market.


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