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Google is reported to enter Smartwatch War with Two Android Wearables

At I/O 2016, Google announced the huge update to its wearable platform ‘Android Wear’. But, the story doesn’t end here. Google seems to have more surprises in bag for us. The search giant wants to move one step ahead and built the hardware too.

According to guys at Androidpolice, Google is building two Android Wear smartwatches with Google Assistant integration. Codenamed Angelfish and Swordfish, both the smartwatches sport circular displays measuring at 43.5mm and 42mm diameter respectively. While, Angelfish is much thicker at 14mm, Swordfish is believed to carry the thickness of just 10.6mm.

Angelfish will be more of a flagship smartwatch with GPS, LTE and a heart-rate monitor while the smaller one is rumoured to lack all three features. As far as colour options are concerned, Angelfish is speculated to come with only one choice – titanium with no support for Google’s interchangeable MODE watch bands, because the design of the lugs and band won’t allow for it. Swordfish will be more customizable with three colour options – silver, titanium and rose gold and a support for MODE watch bands.

The latter device, codenamed Swordfish, is smaller — reportedly somewhere around the size of a Pebble Time Round. This watch is said to have just a single button like most of the Android Wear watches on the market today

Google may also be working on brand new watch faces to have a quicker and hassle free reach to unread notifications, information or media controls. Well, it perfectly rhythms with all new features that Google announced in Android Wear 2.0.

So, why exactly Google wants to build its own smartwatch? Maybe, they feel current Android smartwatches don’t properly justify its wearable platform! Or maybe they can build better smartwatch than others? Whatever the reason is, it will be interesting to see how it turns out on the launch day.

It seems Google is finally getting serious about hardware. What are your thoughts about it? Can Google make Android Wear cool again? Sound off in comments section below.

Source: AndroidPolice

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