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Google unveiled Daydream View VR headset for $79

Remember some Daydream VR talk from Google I/O event? Yes, Google finally realised VR hype and integrated right into Android 7.0. Today, at an event in San Franciso, the company announced few hardware products like Pixel phones, Chromecast Ultra (Basically, Chromecast 3rd gen), Google Home, Google Wi-Fi and Daydream View VR headset. Let’s talk about VR.

First and foremost, Google VR headset solves my biggest complaint about current VR products from other manufacturers, the feel and comfort. The Daydream is made entirely out of a soft touch nylon material. Other plastic made VR always felt uncomfortable in a long usage. Usability is simple too. Just put your phone in the headset and it is ready to serve you.


The included controller also got some place in a device when not in use. Google army like YouTube, Google Photos, Play Movies, Maps along with some familiar publications like Netflix, Hulu, NYT’s VR documentaries and HBO will be ready to serve you from day one. Google said they are working with some 50 partners to bring apps and content to Daydream platform by the year end.

The Daydream View will go on sale in the US from November for $79. The color options include Slate, Crimson Red, and Snow. Other region availability is still unknown.

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