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Google working on an AMP Based Snapchat Discover Rival

'Stamp' shall let publishers create Snapchat Discover-like content with a heavy visual component

A day after news surfaced that Google was interested in buying Snap last year, a new report notes that Google is developing a “Snapchat-like media content” format based on AMP. According to sources, it not only has eyes on one of Snapchat’s more lucrative features, but potential customers already lined up to use it.

The feature in question is Snapchat Discover, the section of the app in which participating publishers can highlight their latest stories in short, easily-ingested video, photo, and text chunks. Known as “Stamp,” even the name is an homage to how it’s based off AMP, with the “St” standing for stories and the rest referring to the Accelerated Mobile Pages that load a streamlined and faster version of an article. Google has been in discussions with several publishers, including Vox Media, the Washington Post and Time Inc, for the project, the Journal said on Friday.

Google has a wider scope with Stamp because of it’s reach. It can integrate it in a wide array of it’s products and it shall be easily discoverable. While Snapchat Discover is highly limited to the App. This indirectly means, Snapchat may be on a two fronted war to save it’s core business. While Facebook has been eating up on it’s core features via Instagram and WhatsApp, Google is now entering the content creation and distribution segment.

Source: WSJ

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