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Google’s next steps in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Google announced Daydream View in October 2016, which was the next level in Mobile VR and AR. This was supported by many phones launched later on, with one exception: Samsung Galaxy S8. Today, they confirmed that the S8 and the S8+ will be getting Daydream compatibility via a Software update.

VR can transport you. With it, you don’t just get to see a place, you can experience what it’s like to be there. And AR brings computing into your world, letting you interact with digital information in your environment. Both technologies enable us to experience computing more like we experience the real world—they make computing work more like we do. 

-Clay Bavor, 

Daydream will soon also support a new category of VR devices, which will be called standalone VR headsets. This is will take what’s great about smartphone VR, and make the whole experience simpler and more enjoyable. This will feature a new tracking technology called WorldSense.

Google is working closely with Qualcomm to create a Reference design, and is also working with HTC (creator of Vive) and Lenovo (computing expertise with Tango) for standalone headsets. The ZenFone AR from Asus is also nearing its launch

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