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Google’s Pixel launcher to feature rounded icons and 3D Touch-like shortcuts

The Pixel launcher (originally known as ‘Nexus launcher’) will bring in a fresh look and feel compared to the current standard Android launchers.

Firstly, the launcher features rounded icons. Now, Android has never restricted the shape of the icons like other operating systems, but, Google seems to be heading for a different approach towards it. These new icons adopt a shape of a circle. While some of them are redesigned, others simply rest on top of it.

Interestingly, Google’s latest app Google Duo has two different icons, one the standard one, other the rounded one. Also, google calendar icon will match the date in either round or standard shape. Well, this means that other launchers will neither be able to enjoy rounded icons nor replicate them easily.


The Pixel launcher will also feature launcher shortcuts which were originally discovered in the Android N developer preview. These are more or less similar to Apple’s 3D touch shortcuts. Most Google apps support this feature currently offering shortcuts as shown in the picture.

Both these features are likely to make debut with Android 7.1, which has been rumored to launch with pixel phones on October 4th.

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