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GOQii Launches New Band; Slashes Subscription Prices

Indian fitness wearables brand GOQii has launched a new iteration of its fitness band. The new band features a USB charging port, which means that you can charge it simply by plugging it into a laptop, and automatic sleep tracking. Goqii doesn’t sell its fitness bands, but it offers for free alongside its subscription service. The company has slashed the price of its service to Rs. 1,999 for three months, Rs. 2,999 for six months, and Rs. 3,999 for 12 months.

The GOQii app has been updated as well. It now allows the users to directly contact a doctor. The app allows doctors to assess the health risk of individuals. This new update to the app will arrive starting the 5th of August. They have tied up with Thyrocare and Max Healthcare over this. GOQii claims that the app will identify users’ habits and offer them suggestions on what habits they should follow.


In its new avatar, GOQii will let users book lab tests from its platform, fetch test results and share it with doctors available on the platform, who can then analyze the information and brink forth any risk that users might be facing. The health locker acts as a repository for the user’s medical diagnostic history making it readily available to all- coaches, users, doctors on or off the platform, with the requisite consent of the user. The users will be able to take a comprehensive health risk assessment giving them detailed insights into their overall health situation.

This new and improved GOQii band allows the users to do much more. Users can now make NFC payments with the band! As of this moment, this feature is only available to Axis Bank account holders. Transactions of up to Rs. 2000 are allowed at a time, and maximum of 5 transactions per day are allowed. Axis Bank claims that users can use this feature at across 105,000 locations in India.

Existing GOQii customers will be able to upgrade to the new Goqii band for a small fee. GOQii CEO Vishal Gondal announced that the company will unveil a variant of the band with a heart rate sensor later this year.

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