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HTC slashes down Sales forecast, while Asus gears up

According to new forecast numbers report, HTC is estimated to decrease their smartphone production by 5 million compared to last year, returning a YoY difference of -26.8% from 2015’s production volume of 18 million units. In this regard, the report also suggests that there will be only 1 million units of HTC 10 for the whole year due to stiff competition.

production volume 1

On the other hand, Asus, another Taiwanese phone maker, is said to be rising up 34.4% up from 2015 at 21.5 million units estimated to be produced this year.

production volume 2

Moving on to the Chinese phone market, Lenovo and Xiaomi are expected to fall, in terms of production volumes. Vivo, is expected to see a sharp increase in production up from 47 million units in 2015. Huawei may be topping the list in terms of numbers but their growth is slowing down. Whereas, OPPO is said to rise by 59.2% over last year’s number of 49 million.

To conclude, though these numbers solely can’t help to anticipate the market, we should only take them as one of many variables.

Source: GSMArena

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