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Huawei may ditch Android Wear in favour of Samsung’s Tizen OS

You may wonder why Android Wear software looks exactly same on different smartwatches, unlike Android OS. The reason is Google restricts customization and OEMs can only differ their offering through hardware. The lack of customization and absence of any stand-out feature compared to the likes of Apple Watch OS already convinced Samsung to use its home based Tizen OS in its smartwatches. Now, it seems Huawei is jumping on board too.

The report comes as no surprise as Android Wear 2.0 got pushed back to early 2017 and other manufacturers like Motorola and LG decided not to announce new Android Wear hardware during this year’s CES. Only Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear S3 was making waves at the event. Besides, Tizen OS offers full control over OS and Huawei can actually offer something of its own to make it stand out in the crowd.

So, two biggest Android rivals coming together for wearables. Sounds great, right?

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