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Instagram now has 800 million monthly users, 100M more than in April

Instagram is still growing at a rapid pace, having added 100 million new monthly active users in just a month since it last reported a new figure. It now has 800 million users engaging with the service on at least a monthly basis, while there are 500M daily users.

Instagram announced the 700 million monthly active user milestone in April, which grew from 600 million in four months, meaning that the growth up till now has been uniform.

It’s safe to say that Instagram’s introduction of Stories has played a major role in acquiring these many users. In just over the last year, those numbers have shot up by around 160 percent, with Instagram announcing new milestones every couple of months. Daily Users are hard to get, it is these Stories that make the user want to visit more often.

Facebook also added that time spent watching video on Instagram is up more than 80% Y/Y, and that since March it’s doubled the advertiser base on the platform to 2M. While these statistics are very encouraging for investors and share holders of Facebook, it’s equally discouraging for those over at Snap Inc.

It’s a well known fact that Facebook has been heavily inspired by Snapchat Stories and has already pushed this feature in every possible platform. Right from Instagram to WhatsApp, Stories are everywhere. Snap Inc stocks have been slowly depreciating ever since it’s IPO that happened a few months back.

Facebook has been steadily building businesses that reach over 1 billion people each day, like WhatsApp, which passed that milestone in June.


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