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I/O 2016: Google released (yet another) Allo and Duo messaging apps

As if there was a shortage of IM apps in Play Store, there is an another player in the market and this time it comes from Google. Today, the search giant released two messaging apps, Allo and Duo.

First, let’s talk about ‘Allo.’  Pronounced as “Aloe”, the product is Google’s latest attempt at catching the huge messaging market.


Unlike Google Hangouts, which uses the Gmail ID, Allo uses phone number to connect with the friends and family.

Allo covers all the basic functionalities of a normal messaging app, including stickers which Google specifically designed for the app. A feature called Whisper Shout will help the user to scale the size of their responses depending on how loud or mum they want them to be. One can also add doodles to images with the built in Ink feature.

But let’s face it. The above mentioned features won’t convince the user to ditch their daily drivers like WhatsApp, Snapchat or FB Messenger. And this is where Google Assistant comes into play. Just like Google’s Inbox email app, users will be presented with instant replies to messages, which will be generated based on what the other person is talking about (Don’t worry, Google said they won’t store any conversation, instead they will just scan it and throw it away). The app will learn your habits and evolve over time as you use it more and more.

Similar to Chrome’s incognito mode, Allo will let the user to chat more privately in secret mode. The messages will be encrypted and can get expired in Snapchat style.

The another app Duo is similar to FaceTime of iOS. This video calling app will be end-to-end encrypted. Google also ensures the strong connectivity on slow networks. One of the key features of the app is called Knock Knock, which shows a live preview of the video before a user picks up a call. Cool!!!

Allo and Duo will be available for free on Android and iOS devices later this summer.


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