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iPhone Rumored to have an Iris Scanner Starting 2018

Smartphone brands have been gearing up efforts to develop bio-metrics recognition technology, aiming to ramping up their market share with high-end models featured bio-metrics functionality. DigiTimes reports that Apple is working on iPhones with iris scanning capabilities that could debut in 2018.

Iris Scanning could be a substitute to Touch ID Fingerprint Scanning. China-based smartphone vendors, including LeEco, Xiaomi Technology and 360 Qiku, reportedly have been developing their own bio-metric technology, respectively, added the sources.

Samsung is said to be planning to debut its iris recognition technology as soon as next month with the introduction of the Galaxy Note 7. This rumor is still not very reliable, but the fact that the Lumia 950 already incorporates one, while Samsung and other too are in the race, we feel Apple too wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

2018 is far away, while the “iPhone 8” is even farther, we expect such rumors to pop up even more.

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