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Powerbank and Ext. Storage? KuPower has your back!

KuPower is a unique product that can perform multiple tasks like charging your phone, storing your data and maintaining your devices internal battery, so that you replacements are never a problem! KuPower has an exclusive intelligent management APP that can diagnose the health status of iPhone batteries, maintain the battery condition, and expand the storage of the iPhone.

It has a capacity of 5500mAh and a SD Card Slot for external storage expansion. This will be very useful for iPhone users who do not have the option to expand storage, and can now do so at a very affordable price. You may as well invest in KuPower and not pay hundreds of bucks more for storage! Also, the device is multiplatform. So, Android, Windows, MacOS and iPad, everything is covered!

KuPower is available for $39* (Early Bird Edition) on Kickstarter! Grab yours today!

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