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Here’s everything you need to know about LeEco Ecosystem

Chinese giant LeEco had an event today at where a lot of media was present, along with their Superfans for this launch event.

Working on their goodwill of being a one stop solution for all sorts of entertainment (hence the name LeTV) they launched a plethora of entertainment centric services tailor made for India.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about the hardware that’s going to run all of this. They proudly talked a lot about the Le 1s and how well it has been selling in India and what records it broke with great sales figures, they brought in what was a natural incremental evolution to it, called the Le 1s Eco….. With obvious references to this being their quintessential medium to consume and be a part of their Ecosystem.


Though, there were a few changes between the Le 1s Eco and the Le 1s proper : the Eco is ever so slightly thinner due to a different display tech, and the processor is under clocked to 1.8ghz, from 2ghz (presumably for better battery, and to deal with the over heating issues) The pricing for the 1s Eco is pretty similar too, but you get a year of their ecosystem(more on that ahead) membership free with it, and an additional discount of INR 4000 to the LeEco members. Along with other benefits, the phone will be sold for INR 9999 for the first flash sale only (12th May) with 100,000 units available on Flipkart.


They also announced that they will be bringing other products to the Indian markets soon, starting with their TV’s next, in about 2 months (LeTV TV’s, if you may).

This expansion of theirs from just being a streaming service to having product in a lot of industries like phones, cycles, cars, music peripherals,TVs etc explained why they rebranded themselves as LeEco.

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the event: Their new ecosystem made especially for India.

There was major emphasis on Content and how much it is needed by Indians. Hence they partnered with the pioneers in this field to provide us with great experiences.

Hungama is the new music partner providing over 3.5 million songs, also available in Hi-fi.

YuppTV to provide video on demand, with over 2500 movies already available and 100+ TV channels to also grace this platform.

But the feather in the cap has to be the ability to live stream concerts and events from Sweden, USA, China etc in real time! They have invited media houses to partner with them to collaborate and get more live events up.


All of this can be made available offline. And for all of you who are always online, there is also 5TB of Cloud storage for the members (I’d give you examples of how much media you can store on it, but doesn’t really matter; nobody is filling up 5000GBs….)


It will cost INR 490 per month and if you opt for an annual subscription, it shall cost INR 4,900.


Apart from a few Bollywood dance performances, we even had Sidharth Malhotra and Jacklyn Fernandes at the event, who seemed to totally dig the phone.


These services go online later this month, and can be made available to existing LeEco devices in India via an OTA update later.

Yes, quite a few people was disappointed as there were no mentions of the Le2, but it makes sense for them to not bring it to the market. The 1s is selling really well, and the 2 would just cannibalise on that. I’m sure that when it eventually comes, it will be as disruptive too

All attendees were given in-ear style earphones, and the media was given the LeMe headphones


So guys, that’s been it for this event. This has been AJ reporting with EOTO (achievement unlocked : first article published)


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