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Lenovo Mirage Camera Can Stream 180-degree VR Video on YouTube

In addition to the Mirage Solo headset, Lenovo also launched a product for those who wish to create and share virtual reality experiences. The Mirage Camera is a compact VR capture device that records 180 degrees of video via two 13MP fisheye lenses.

It features two front-facing 13MP fisheye cameras, each with a 180-degree field of view, which provides an overlapping, stereoscopic image no matter which angle you view your recordings. The offset cameras capture the depth of the environment, which you can relive through a VR headset. It offer 4K per eye resolution, so the effective resolution, then, is 4K.

Lenovo said it built the Mirage Camera for the average person. The device is simple to use—just point and shoot, like a basic digital camera. It features just three buttons: A power button to cycle the camera’s power; a function button that lets you switch between camera, video, and live broadcasting modes; and a shutter button.

You can watch your footage in an Android or iOS companion app, but the camera works independently of a smartphone, after basic setup is done. If you’re recording locally, you’ve got 16GB of space, or more with an optional microSD card.

Lenovo partnered with Google to create the Mirage Camera. The device features native support for Google’s Daydream VR platform, and it also integrates well with other Google platforms. The camera can capture still photos, which you can store and share on the Google Photos cloud service. The video format is also compatible with the YouTube VR180 platform.

The VR180 video format was launched by YouTube last year and Google said cameras would be ready soon. Like we said, virtual reality is moving forward. The intention is to make more virtual content available and it’s only possible with more VR cameras.

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