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Lenovo trolls Samsung for Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco

It seems like competitors are taking advantage of Samsung’s recent Note 7 recall. Apple has reportedly increased the iPhone 7 components orders, LG is expected to have a good V20 show later today but Lenovo has gone one step ahead and did what they should not have done in the first place.

At Moto Z launch event in China today, the Chinese OEM was comparing the charging time of Moto Z to iPhone 6S Plus and Galaxy Note 7. The presentation showed that it took 69 minutes and 165 minutes for Moto Z and iPhone 6S Plus to charge from 0% to 100% respectively And for  Galaxy Note 7, it is shown as “look at the situation” on the presentation slide.

Incidents like Note 7’s battery explosions are unfortunate. But instead of trolling them, we should actually applaud Samsung’s way of handling the situation with the recall of marathon 2.5 million sold Galaxy Note 7 worldwide.

Lenovo should not forget that they too faced outrage in 2015 when the company reportedly admit and later apologized for a built-in Superfish malware that tracks the online activity.


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