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LG still not sure about V20’s Europe availability

Just two days ago, LG officially took wraps from V20 at an event in New York. Just as V10, the V20 is aimed at the big screen and photography lovers with excellent built-in audio capabilities. But the missing element from the launch event was the region availability.

LG only announced launch time in the home country, some time in next month. The LG V10 was only made available in few markets including US and Asia. But one key market was missing last time, Europe. And if the recent comments are anything to go by, the tech giant is still undecided with V20 for Europe.

LG’s Belgian engineering manager, Jeroen Peeters to Geekster: “for now there are no plans to bring the V20 to Europe.”

With recent Galaxy Note 7’s global recall, I think it will make more sense for LG to widen the availability of its best offering till date.

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